Table Worship at the Fairhaven Library Basement, Sunday, Oct. 26th 5:30pm

UnknownJoin The Table this Sunday evening, starting at 5:30pm at the Fairhaven Library (1117 12th St.), for a worship gathering. We’ll begin with a shared meal, so bring something to share if you’re able. We will then continue our study of Paul’s speeches in the later chapters of Acts. Look at Acts 28:1-10 and ask yourself, where is God bringing wholeness in the verses?

Invite a friend; everyone is welcome!

Reaching the Religious

I was reading Matthew 17:24-27 today and got to thinking about freedom in Christ versus religion in Christ. Read it with that in made and see if anything jumps out:

24 After Jesus and his disciples arrived in Capernaum, the collectors of the two-drachma temple tax came to Peter and asked, “Doesn’t your teacher pay the temple tax?” 25 “Yes, he does,” he replied. When Peter came into the house, Jesus was the first to speak. “What do you think, Simon?” he asked. “From whom do the kings of the earth collect duty and taxes—from their own children or from others?” 26 “From others,” Peter answered. “Then the children are exempt,” Jesus said to him. 27 “But so that we may not cause offense, go to the lake and throw out your line. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours.”

What is Jesus saying about this temple tax? He seems to equate this taxation with the taxation a a conquering king would force upon those he has conquered. If this is true, it seems Jesus viewed the temple structure and its taxation as the “ruler” and the Jewish people as the “ruled,” the “powerful” and the “powerless.” Jesus in contrast to this class division equates the people with family. He is inclusive, calling the people children of the king rather than subjects to the king. They are therefore exempt from that taxation, or “free citizens” as the New Living Translation states it. This is Jesus’ view of His people, family and free citizens.

What does Jesus do with this view, does He throw it in the face of the temple representative who are collecting this tax? No, He rather honors their place and pays the tax. The temple had a place in Jesus’ paradigm. It was a place people connected with God, and each other. The “religion” of the day had a place, but Jesus was redeeming it. He was returning it to its intention. So, He honors the system while breathing life into it.

For us, I wonder what this means? If we interact with folks with a more “religious” view of the world, how are we to interact? We carry the freedom of Jesus with us. As His followers He is our  focus, not tradition or routines. But those traditions and routines have a place. They are a way many connect with God and their community. So what shall we do? We are called by this passage to extend a hand of fellowship, while also proclaiming freedom in Jesus, remembering we are His children and not His oppressed subjects. How we live this out will be a point of meditation in the midst of both valuable and also unhealthy traditions around us. But, may we be voices of life in Christ, and the grace of Jesus.

Table Blessing, Sunday, October 19th, 10am at the Majestic

majesticThis Sunday morning is our October Blessing. We are joining Mosaic at 10am at the Majestic Ballroom (1027 Forest St.). From there we will break out into a few different groups and serve our city. Our next worship gathering will be Oct. 26th at the library. Bring a friend; everyone is welcome!

Blessing Folks

raking_leaves_photo_for_websiteThe final category of this season’s Missional Challenge coincides with The Table rhythm of Blessing. As a church, we are challenging ourselves in this area to bless three people a week, one of who does not come to The Table. This could mean writing someone an encouraging note, text or email. It could mean helping a neighbor with a chore or errand, simply asking someone how you can help. It is a simple challenge that reaches people’s hearts. It is a selfless intention that honors those around us. We are challenging ourselves in this manner because we what to mimic our Lord Jesus. He blessed folks in very tangible ways. He brought wholeness to people’s lives and revealed the coming kingdom to them, where all will be made right, and whole, and without flaw. He calls us to participate in this work today, to reveal the coming kingdom to folks. So, we are challenging ourselves to bless folks in His name.

May God open your eyes to those around you, and how you can bless them. And, may you grow into His likeness as you go.

Table Worship at the Fairhaven Library Basement, Sunday, Oct. 12th 5:30pm

CandleThis Sunday, The Table is gathering for a worship gathering at the Fairhaven Library (1117 12th St.). Join us at 5:30pm for a shared meal. Bring something to share if you are able. After the meal we will sing, pray, and continue our study of Acts, looking at 27. As you read ahead ask yourself, “Where is trust seen in the passage?” We will continue to challenge ourselves with the “Missional Challenge.” If you didn’t get a chance, check out what this challenge looks like at: The Missional Challenge on our website.

See you Sunday. Invite a friend, everyone is welcome.


prayerThis fall at The Table we are taking on “The Missional Challenge,” and idea adapted form the work of Michael Frost. The Missional Challenge matches with the three rhythms of The Table: Hospitality, Discipleship, and Blessing. The aspect of the challenge that is under the rhythm of Discipleship includes “listening to the Holy Spirit.” Specifically, we are challenging ourselves to make an intention to sit down & pray and listen to the Holy Spirit once a week. The idea here is that we rarely listen to God, but more often fill the gaps of our relationship with God with our own concerns. So, we are calling ourselves to sit and ask “What does the Holy Spirit have to tell me in relation to my learnings and actions?”

How do we do this? Some ideas that may help:

-Read a psalm, and then sit and reflect

-Find a quiet space, time of the day, and/or comfortable seat

-Ask God, “What would you have me pray for today?”

-Journal about what comes to mind

Table Worship at the Fairhaven Library Basement, Sunday, Oct. 5th 5:30pm

fairhaven library 1The Table is gathering for worship at the Fairhaven Library this Sunday, October 5th. Starting at 5:30pm we will share in a potluck meal. Bring something to share if you’re able, or just show up and eat. This week week John Barry will bring a message examining the New Testament book of Colossians.

Bring a friend along, everyone is welcome! See you soon.

Sitting with Folks

a-simple-dinnerAs part of this fall’s Missional Challenge at The Table, we are challenging ourselves to build up our individual practices of Hospitality. This is one of the core rhythms of The Table. Hospitality is core to who we are as a church because in it we seek to imitate Jesus. Jesus “made space” for those around Him, inviting the “un-invitable” to come and be with Him. He made space for children, women, the unclean, Gentiles, sinners, and more. He was hospitable, and I wonder if this allowed folks to build their own trust in Christ, which removed barriers and allowed them to hear His message of life more clearly. This is our hope, with our practice of Hospitality, to build relationships and allow truth and grace to be shared.

In the rhythm of Hospitality, the Missional Challenge is calling us to sit across the table w/ three people a week, one of which does not come to The Table. This practice/challenge is simple but requires an intentionality. Ideas for this aspect of the challenge include: inviting someone for coffee or to your house for dinner, spending your lunch hour by intentionally eating with someone, or playing games with your neighbors. It’s a practice of “making space” for those around us; it’s a call to build up community.

May Christ bless you as you step out and invite those around you to your table. And, may He grow His hospitality in you as you follow through.

Table Family Meeting (4:30p) & Worship (5:30p) at the Fairhaven Library Basement, Sunday, Sept. 28

dali cross.1The Table is gathering this Sunday, September 28th at the Fairhaven Library Basement (1117 12th St.). If you consider The Table “your church,” we invite you come come at 4:30pm for a “family meeting.” At the family meeting we will get a financial update, approve new leaders, and chat about vision of The Table.

Then at 5:30pm, we welcome everyone to join us for worship. We will begin with a shared meal. Then we will pray, sing praises to God, and study Acts 25-26. As you prepare for this gathering look at this scripture and ask, “How does Paul proclaim hope in these chapters?”

See you soon!

Studying Jesus

rioThis fall at The Table, we are taking on “The Missional Challenge.” Check out our Missional Challenge blog post for the details. We have adapted the the ideas of Michael Frost’s “The Five Habit’s of Highly Missional People.” The second piece of the challenge coincides with The Table rhythm of Discipleship. It is broken into two parts. The first part is to “study Jesus.”

Our rhythm of Discipleship is rooted in the concept that we are disciples of Christ, and therefore require ourselves to walk in His steps. We desire to become more like our master and savior. So as part of the Missional Challenge, we are challenging ourselves to sit down and study Jesus once a week. How else will the hope of Jesus saturate our lives unless we seek Him out? How else will we be reminded of His freedom and deliverance unless we look at His life and work? This aspect is most important of all. His hope feeds us, and restores us. His hope beats down the false promises that call to us. So make a special intention to sit down once a week and study Jesus in one of the New Testament gospels, or read about him in a book by a reliable author.

May Christ reveal Himself to you greatly as you do this. And, may you grow to be more like Him as you do it.


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