The Day After Easter

With the Easter weekend over, it’s back to the salt mines (or so it feels). After a week of remembering and celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ, sometimes the week following can feel low. But why should it? If we believe it, this should be the first week to show off the new joy we have in Jesus. So here’s some borrowed thoughts for reflection this week:

“How should you celebrate the day after Easter? With a good laugh, of course. Better yet, with a party, a really fun party. Far from being a strange, new idea, this is actually a long-standing tradition rooted in good Christian theology. It began hundreds of years ago. A monk, whose name has been lost in history, was pondering the meaning of the events of holy week, with its solemn observances of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the astonishing, earth-shaking events of Easter. “What a surprise ending,” he thought. Then suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, he had a new insight. His hearty laugh startled his fellow monks, breaking the silence of their contemplation. “Don’t you see,” he cried, “It was a joke! A great joke! The best joke in all history! On Good Friday, when Jesus was crucified, the devil thought he had won. But God had the last laugh on Easter when he raised Jesus from the dead.” The monks called it “the Easter laugh.” The idea spread rapidly, and the day after Easter became known as a “Day of Joy and Laughter” in Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant countries. In homes and churches, it became common to celebrate God’s great joke on the devil with joke-telling sessions. It became the custom even in monasteries. Especially in monasteries” (from

So what shall we do? Let’s live with joy this week, allowing ourselves to laugh a little easier. Live free, because He set you free!

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