Hopes for Summer

Summer is coming. For many it’s a chance to take a breath, get out, and rest with friends and family. What are your hopes for summer? Who do you hope to connect with? What do you hope to accomplish? And, where do you hope to be at the end of the season?

As summer approaches let’s meditate now on what we hope for. And as we enter into the season let’s move with intentionality, working with the season and all its fun to build relationships with those around us, looking for ways to live our rhythms of hospitality, discipleship and blessing out in the sun with others, for His name sake. Let’s enter into the season knowing Jesus goes outside with us, loving those we will spend time with.

Over the summer, The Table is changing its Sunday worship times from 5:30pm to 9:30am, with more parties/outings/BBQ’s. Our hope is that during such a relational season we can expedite relationships, with both formal and informal outings. The first weekend in June will be our first outing of the summer. Stay tuned for details. This summer let’s get out and have fun together. Hope to see you outside with us!

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