Blessing – Saturday, June 18, 2011

This weekend at The Table we are taking a break from “worship” and will worship in service to others. It’s our Blessing weekend! If you can make it, we’ll be meeting in front of Chuckanut Square (the tallest red building in Fairhaven – 1400 12th St.) this Saturday, June 18, at 10am. The plan is to help some of the senior/disabled residents who need an extra hand with cleaning before their inspections. Feel free to bring general cleaning supplies (cleaners, rags, etc.); gloves and bags will be provided. Let me know if you can make it (for planning purposes), or just show up. Feel free to invite a friend to help out. Afterward, we’ll plan on catching coffee/treats at The Firehouse Café (1314 Harris), a couple blocks away.


Next Sunday, June 26th, is The Table’s one year anniversary! We’ll be celebrating at 9:30am at Glen Echo Garden (4390 Y Road, in the county), with worship, food, sharing, and hanging. This will be a great gathering to invite friends and family to, as we want to share about all that God has done over the last year. So don’t hesitate to invite whoever you’d like; we’d love it!

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