Our Rhythm of Discipleship

In these days leading up to The Table’s one-year anniversary, it is healthy to reflect on why we have been doing what we do. It is appropriate to think again about what defines us – and what defines us is our rhythms (Hospitality, Discipleship, and Blessing). So here are some thoughts on our second rhythm of Discipleship.

In many ways, all our rhythms are the same; and, in many ways they all stem from and return to Discipleship. We do what we do because we want to grow in our love of God, and our love of others (Matthew 22:34-40). Even when The Table is throwing a party or serving a neighbor, we do these things as acts of worship. The path of Discipleship is a journey toward allowing Christ to saturate every aspect of our lives (from doing dishes to creating art) and every relationship (from random coffee shop encounters to intimate friendships). It’s a journey lead by Him so we can become more like Him, and it’s a journey we are called to walk together in.

Discipleship is more than reading the Bible, worshipping, or praying together. Discipleship is a challenging process of centering our worldview to Christ – not prioritizing our nationality, politics, social or economic ambitions, but Christ and Christ alone. This is radical if you think about, but that’s defines us as His disciples, and that’s what we strive for at The Table. As we enter into our second year as a worshipping community, we pray that we would grow more and more in His likeness, and we focus on His love.

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