Our Rhythm of Hospitality

In two weeks The Table will celebrate its first anniversary as a worshiping community. In light of this awesome mile marker, it seems appropriate to share a few stories from the road. This week is fitting to share a story representing our rhythm of Hospitality. It’s a generic story, because it has been repeated numerous times in different gatherings of The Table.

Imagine a person just moving to Bellingham. They are familiar with the city, and may know a person or two, but for all real purposes they are alone. Trying to find authenticity in their new relationships at school or work, they are left empty. Through a “chance” meeting, they find themselves at a gathering organized by The Table. They are stuck by how friendly everyone is, how welcomed they feel, and how their story and opinions are valued. In a word, they have experienced authenticity, and have found a group committed to mimicking the Hospitality of Jesus. Returning home, they let out a sigh of relief, knowing that God provides.

The rhythm of Hospitality is both a value and a mission of The Table. This story, although generic, is not fictional, but a reality of how God has blessed numerous individuals through The Table. As we look ahead to the next year, we pray that God will allow us at The Table to make even more room in our lives for folks, displaying the Hospitality of Jesus.

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