Our Rhythm of Blessing

In this season surrounding The Table’s one-year anniversary, we have been looking again at the unique calling God has placed on our church. The calling we have on our collective lives is also what we value and what we feel our mission is.  We wrap all these things together in what we call our rhythms (Hospitality, Discipleship, and Blessing). These three rhythms are based on Jesus’ model of disciple making, taken from Luke’s gospel. If you take a step back and look at Luke’s narrative, you’ll see Jesus “Calling” His disciples in Luke 5-6; you’ll see Him “Building” into them in Luke 7-8; and, you’ll see Jesus “Sending” them out to embody His kingdom in Luke 9. This is a linear way to look at our non-linear rhythms. Our desire to call people to faith begins with us simple being Hospitable. In Discipleship, we build into one another, while we look to Him. And, we send one another out to Bless and serve in tangible ways. It is this final rhythm that I’d like to think about now.

Our rhythm of Blessing is modeled after the One we follow, Christ. In the gospels Jesus is notorious for simply blessing people for the sake of blessing people. His agenda was to show off how the Kingdom of God was near (Mark 1:15). A leper comes and asks to be healed; Jesus heals (Mark 1:40-42). A paralyzed man is presented before Jesus; Jesus forgives his sins and heals him (Mark 2:1-11). Jesus encounters a tormented soul; Jesus frees the man from oppression (Mark 5:1-20). Jesus blesses people for the sake of blessing people, showing off that His kingdom is at hand. He didn’t ask for a promise to act nicer, make anyone sit through a sermon, or commit to some project; Jesus simply Blessed people.

This is why over the last year The Table has strived to simply Bless others for the sake of Blessing. Our desire is to display the goodness of the One we serve. The Lord doesn’t “lord” things over people’s heads, and neither do we. When we clean the home of a disabled person or plant a tree alongside neighbors, we do so because we want to be like Jesus. When we make a meal for a sick family or babysit kids so their mom can have a break, we do so because we want to show off that His kingdom is at hand. Looking ahead to the future, The Table will keep the rhythm of simply Blessing neighbors, because that’s what Jesus did, and we pray that He would be glorified as we do so.

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