Meditation on the Beauty of Bellingham

This time of year it is easy to see the beauty of our town and surrounding spots. We are blessed to live in such a sweet location. I am thankful that God created this place.  John Calvin has a cool reflection on creation. Before moving on from his discussion on the creation of the world, Calvin expresses how the sovereign work of creation can speak to humanity. He says in Institutes I.14.22:

“…To conclude, in one word; as often as we call God the Creator of heaven and earth, let us remember that the distribution of all the things which he created are in his hand and power, but that we are his sons [and daughters], whom he has undertaken to nourish and bring up in allegiance to him, that we may expect the substance of all good from him alone, and have full hope that he will never suffer us to be in want of things necessary to salvation, so as to leave us dependent on some other source; that in everything we desire we may address our prayers to him, and, in every benefit we receive, acknowledge his hand, and give him thanks; that thus allured by his great goodness and beneficence, we may study with our whole heart to love and serve him.”

He, the creator God, richly provides for us, via His creation. He made sure our world was ready for our arrival before He placed us in it. This causes me to think of the imperative we have therefore to care for His creation, as good stewards, promoting justice and compassion to our world and neighbors. It also causes me to come to the same conclusion as “our boy” Calvin states above, that in a like manner we can have great confidence in knowing that God will provide for our needs, both spiritual and physical. He is good; the good earth He created points us to His goodness, His love, His compassion.

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