Meditations on Hope

This past Sunday we discussed the role of hope in our lives and faith. The question of meditation this week was: “What would our lives look like if we oriented our faith primarily around hope rather than other things?” How would our responses to those in crisis differ; how would we speak of our faith and belief in Christ sound; how would our perception of the world look? Below are some words from John Calvin which may offer another voice to your meditation. May you be blessed as you ponder the reality and effects of placing a greater hope in Christ.

“Since the nature of faith could not be better or more clearly evinced than by the substance of the promise on which it leans as its proper foundation, and without which it immediately falls or rather vanishes away, we have derived our definition from it—a definition, however, not at all at variance with that definition, or rather description, which the Apostle accommodates to his discourse, when he says that faith is “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,” (Hebrews 11:1). For by the term substance, he means a kind of prop on which the pious mind rests and leans. As if he had said, that faith is a kind of certain and secure possession of those things which are promised to us by God; unless we prefer taking “substance” for confidence… [From Calvin’s Institutes (III.2.40)].”

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