Answered Prayers

The Table had a prayer gathering last week. It was a great and meaningful time of connection with God and one another. We prayed for our church, other local churches, and for those who are disconnected. We will have another gathering soon, so stay tuned.

In preparation for the gathering I looked at my notes from previous prayer gatherings. What I found was such an encouragement! I found old prayer requests that have since been answered. For example from a December 2008 prayer gathering (before The Table existed), those supporting the new church-to-be prayed that: 1) God would call us to a specific neighborhood, 2) God would rise up a leadership team, passionate to advance God’s kingdom, and 3) God would help us discern an appropriate church planting model. In answer to those prayers: 1) God called us to primarily serve the south side of Bellingham, 2) God rose up The Table’s leadership team, a uniquely gifted crew committed to the advancement of God’s kingdom, and 3) God called us to model our church after the Hospitality, Discipleship and Blessings we see in Jesus, our rhythms. What an encouragement!

Another example of God’s faithfulness came from a March 2009 prayer gathering. We prayed that 1) God would unite our future leaders with a common passion to advance God’s kingdom, and 2) God would give us a voice to speak into the lives of our neighbors. In answer to those prayers, 1) our leadership from its first meeting together has been united in the direction they grant the church, and 2) neighbors have begun to ask The Table to Bless them with their service. Again what an encouragement!

In the midst of those times the future was unknown and overwhelming. Looking back on it now we can clearly see the provisional hand of God. As we look ahead to an equally uncertain future, we can walk in confidence knowing God is with us; we can trust in His provision. May God bless us as we continue to walk in faith together!

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