The Goodness of God

This weekend was beautiful. Whenever I am able to enjoy the weather and be out in it, I often think about how blessed I am to live where I do. I was reminded today of a piece from John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, from section I.14.2:

“…In the very order of events [creation], we ought diligently to ponder on the paternal goodness of God toward the human race, in not creating Adam until he had liberally enriched the earth with all good things. Had he placed him on an earth barren and unfurnished; had he given life before light, he might have seemed to pay little regard to his interest. But now that he has arranged the motions of the sun and stars for man’s use, has replenished the air, earth, and water, with living creatures, and produced all kinds of fruit in abundance for the supply of food, by performing the office of a provident and industrious head of a family, he has shown his wondrous goodness toward us…”

To think that before humanity was created, God prepared a rich home for us. He prepared our awesome world, with all its blessings and riches, THEN created humanity. This displays His great love for us, His goodness, and His plan to bless us. We serve a great God.

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