This coming weekend, we will be baptizing little Elias. As a church that places the grace of Jesus at the center of its life, baptism is a sign and sacrament of the gospel of grace. This is particularly visible when babies are baptized. As we prepare as a church for this great day this weekend, here’s a great quote to chew on:

“The baptism of a child, in the context of God’s covenant of grace, is one of the most striking illustrations of this grace. The objection of opponents to infant baptism is that the child does nothing. Precisely! Both the present state and future fate of that child depend not so much on the child’s or parent’s faith and fidelity (though they cannot be discounted) as on God’s sovereign grace. ‘The gospel begins with the foolishness of baptism,’ for ‘the baptism of a helpless child is the most dramatic and precious symbol of God’s freely given grace.'” – I. John Hesselink from On Being Reformed

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