From June 2010 – The Table’s First Worship Gatheirng

As The Table is preparing to celebrate its next birthday, I am reflecting on the past. Below is a excerpt from my blog after The Table held its first worship gathering.

Last night was our first worship gathering as a church plant. It was awesome! We all showed up at our home at 5:30pm and ate a meal together for about 45 minutes. Then the kids left and did their own Bible lesson and activities, while we sang sangs, prayed, had a discussion on Mark 1 (I lead the discussion while sitting on my hamper…funny), and then took communion together. Then the kids came back and we hung out and ate dessert. It was so encouraging to see so many people in my small apartment. It was so much fun to see our small community come together and worship and party together. I look forward to seeing what God will do in the future.

This coming Sunday, June 10th, The Table will celebrate its 2nd birthday! Join us at the Fairhaven Library at 5:30pm to celebrate all that God had done through The Table in the last couple years.

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