Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today is an exciting day for me.  The Table is something I have been excited about, even before it began.  In 2008, Kate and I were called to start a new church.  Why start a church, there are so many already out there? For starters, only 5% of Bellingham goes to church.  But more so, we believe that this is where God grows us. So we were called to start a church, but how would it look?  We asked ourselves that question a lot.  If we were to look at old brainstorming notes describing the dream church, you would see words and phrases like: Jesus-centered, authentic, service-oriented, intentional, and life giving.

What we ended up with, is what you find on our logo.  It says: “The Table: A Missional Faith Community.”  That’s weird, if you think about; why would a church not have the word “church” in there? That’s because it describes what we believe church should be.

The name, The Table, was birthed from the images of the “table scenes of Jesus,” where He eats with those who desire relationship – those who don’t always have it figured out – where He invites those who are hungry and weary to sit and be refreshed.  A table is an image of authentic relationship, where love is shared, over a meal, over study, and over shared projects. That’s why we call ourselves The Table.

The Table is a Missional Faith Community.  The term “Missional” is a term describing a paradigm of church.  Admittedly, it’s a buzz word in some circles, but it describes how we live out our faith WITH our neighbors.  Rather than calling out from the inside a church building for people to come inside, the missional church goes outside and lives alongside its neighbors, and serves them, regardless of their background.  A missional church doesn’t mark success by numbers, but by its obedience to being like Jesus, and allows its life to overlap with those who don’t yet call themselves Christians.

The Table is a Missional Faith Community.  That means our faith in Jesus is central to our community.  Unlike fraternal organizations, we do what we do b/c we want to be more like Jesus, and we want others to know that He loves them.  We unashamedly pursue Jesus as we live out our calling in community, and it has been awesome to witness God’s Spirit work, growing Himself within specific individuals and the church as a whole.

The Table is a Missional Faith Community.  In a culture that markets primarily to the desires of individuals, community stands in contrast.  Like I said, we believe this is how God grows us.  We believe God can do more when we’re together, than the sum of our individual efforts. At The Table, God has brought together folks from different backgrounds, political, social, and economic.  But, despite our differences, The Table is becoming an inclusive family, where we laugh and share challenges together, where, as a community, we are committed to seeing the Kingdom of God grow in us and around us.

Today is exciting for me.  The Table is celebrating its 2nd birthday, and what we are celebrating is what God has done.  I believe that God has allowed us to live up to our name.  And my prayer is that we would not change, but only live into our name even more, where we set more seats and invite more people to the feast table with Jesus, where we go out further in mission to bless and serve, where our faith deepens and we grow in our likeness of Jesus, and where our community authenticity and intentionality grows in its connection with Jesus and our neighbors.  That’s my prayer, that we truly would become even more of a Missional Faith Community. We thank God for 2 great years, and looking forward to His working in the years to come.

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