Table “Tithe”

The Table began a new practice last night at church. Every tenth week, we have decided to the commit our local offering to a project or organization outside of ourselves, could be local, could be global. Our hope is to eventually have 10% of our annual budget goes toward such things (missionaries, awesome local service agencies, etc.). We took a “baby step” in that direction last night by committing our giving to the women of the Masai tribe. Through a missions organization, Mission of Mercy, one can provide a wool blanket, large tea kettle, and a feminine hygiene kit for a mere $30. Together, our small church raised $373 for this effort, providing twelve such packages! If you would like to help out this effort it is not too late. Simply check out Mission of Mercy’s Women’s Circle of Caring project. Here’s to making a difference together, in His name!

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