Table Worship – August 26, 2012 at 5:30pm at Fairhaven Library Basement

This Sunday The Table will meet again for worship at the Fairhaven Library. We’ll begin with a shared meal at 5:30pm. This week’s food theme is: Your Favorite Summer Dish; so, bring something to share. After this, we’ll pray, sing, and look at Acts 5:17-26 together. Feel free to read ahead in preparation to our discussion, and ask yourself, “How do the faithful follow?” Also this week is our “tithe” week, meaning all our local offering money will go toward a ministry outside of our church. So be praying about what you feel lead to give. If there is a ministry or organization you believe we should bless, let me know soon.

Next weekend, August 31 – September 2, The Table will not be meeting for worship, because it is our annual camping trip to Larrabee State Park. If you would like to join us, or need to borrow some equipment, let us know. If you can only stop in for the day, we’d love that too. Our next worship gathering will be September 9th at the library.

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