Table Worship – August 5, 2012 at 5:30pm at Fairhaven Library Basement

This Sunday, August 5th, is a Table worship gathering. We’ll meet at 5:30pm at the Fairhaven Library (1117 12th St.), and start with a shared meal. This week’s food theme is a fun one: Christmas Colors (not necessarily Christmas food, but foods of red and green). After our meal we’ll pray, sing, and study Acts 5:1-11 together. If you want to read ahead, you can also meditate on the question: “Why would the author of Acts choose to include this passage?”

Next Sunday morning, August 12th, we are joining our sister churches in the Mosaic family for a shared morning of blessing neighbor. Details for that day will come later. We will not meet that evening for worship.

See you Sunday night!

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