On Work and Rest

In North America we are tempted to seek rest by escaping from work. We sell our time to an employer in exchange for money, with which we buy experiences to enjoy during our leisure hours. We have sanctioned a secular understanding of Sabbath; the Sabbath has now become a goal of work. Consequently, there is a deeper need for rest than the Sabbath principle can meet. We must equip believers to find rest in work.

The whole design of creation in Genesis 1 and 2 focuses on the rest of God. Karl Barth reminds us that “the first conscious awakening of man in creation (because he was created on the evening of the sixth day) was to awake to the reality of the seventh day and to discover that God had already done everything.” Therefore rest is not simply a cessation of labor but, as Richard Baxter suggested, and anticipation of what it will be like for heaven to be on earth.

(Quoted from Liberating the Laity by Paul Stevens, 1993 Regent College Publishing)

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