Why Smile?

Tonight Leon encouraged us with a lot of things, one of which was to smile. Such a simple encouragement. It has been said that smiling makes us more attractive, improves health, and keeps us positive. These things are true, but these were not the reasons why he gave us this encouragement. Smiling is selfless, it invites others to be encouraged, and may pave the way for fruitful, life giving conversation. Psalm 67 links God’s smile upon us with the outpouring of our praise to Him and His blessing. It reads:
    1 May God be merciful and bless us. May his face smile with favor on us.
    2 May your ways be known throughout the earth, your saving power among people everywhere.
    3 May the nations praise you, O God. Yes, may all the nations praise you.
    4 Let the whole world sing for joy, because you govern the nations with justice and guide the people of the whole world.
    5 May the nations praise you, O God. Yes, may all the nations praise you.
    6 Then the earth will yield its harvests, and God, our God, will richly bless us.
    7 Yes, God will bless us, and people all over the world will fear him.

So with that in mind, may you smile big this week. May all the personal benefits of your smile be manifest in you. And may God use your smile to make His ways know to you and those who see you. And may His name be praised as a result.

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