Is there hope?

Is there hope? Is there hope for that challenging situation or relationship in your life? Is there hope?

Consider the man Saul, in the book of Acts. Saul was the early church’s worst enemy. He was a rising star and student of the Pharisees. We was present during the trial of Stephan, and held the coats of those who killed him (Acts 7:58), giving his approval/cheer when Stephan dies (Acts 8:1). Saul then moves against the church, dragging believing men and women off to jail (Acts 8:3).  He took these Christian off to jail for the belief that the sacrifice of Jesus’ death was sufficient enough for their atonement, for their belief that the resurrected life of Christ was all the hope that people needed.  They believed they now longer needed the temple or the legalism of the law (this is why they killed Stephan).

As a result of this persecution, the believers scatter.  But, God uses this scattering to expand His kingdom to Samaria and other new places. Finding out that the gospel was now spreading abroad would have infuriated Saul. So what does he do? He takes his hatred of the church and Christ on the road.

Read Acts 9:1-19

The change that occurs to Saul is one of the most dramatic changes we can read, turning from hunting down Christian to being baptized under the Lordship of Jesus. It’s dramatic. And just imagine how that would have encouraged the believers in the early church, to see the power of God transform an enemy into a brother. Amazing.

This passage encourages me. It brings hope to my weary heart. To think that there is hope for the church’s worst enemy, makes me think that there is hope for all of us. There IS hope for you too. There IS hope for that challenging situation or relationship in your life. Jesus is in the business of hope.

I pray that God would make that hope manifest dramatically in your life this week and this season. Be blessed knowing the sovereign God is a God of hope, and walk confidently in hope.


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