Waiting for His Coming

You know, my wife Kate makes some incredible soups this time of year.  One of my favorite moments is when I come home hungry after a long day of work, and I smell the aroma of an awesome soup as I enter our warm home.  On a good day, my kids run and greet me.  Then I steal a kiss from my bride.  And then when no one’s looking, you know what I do?  I grab a spoon and sneak a taste of the great soup.  It gets me excited about the meal to come.  It’s a foretaste of the feast to come.

This is why we celebrate advent, to slow down and get a taste of the peace to come, in the midst of busyness, to stop and taste the eternal peace to come.  We celebrate that Jesus came, but we also look ahead to the coming of Jesus again, when we will live in love and peace. In other words, we anticipate the eternal life of hope.

May your Christmas preparations this year be marked not by busyness and chaos, but reflection and peace in the midst of it all. That’s my prayer for you this morning, that you would taste such hope and peace this week and this season. We should care that Jesus came, b/c His is coming again.  He brings hope, and He’s bringing everlasting peace. Come Lord Jesus, come.

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