Meditation for a New year

As you consider the New Year ahead of you, what do you desire for it? Coupled with that question is this question: What makes you come alive?

Reflecting on 2012, there were moments that made me sad, and also moments of great joy. Reflecting on the joys of 2012, I’m remembering three random moments. The first was running in the rain in the woods south of Bellingham. It was gorgeous and muddy. After avoiding puddles unsuccessfully, I gave up and embraced the wet conditions. I sought the mud and leaped into the pools of rain. I was playing in God’s creation. It was a fun and profound moment of worship. The second was a road trip this summer with my family. We stopped in Twisp, WA on the way, got some good coffee, pastries, and then went to the park. As the kids played peacefully together, Kate and I laughed together as we enjoyed the warm mountain day. It was a fun and profound moment of worship. The last random memory from 2012 was sitting with my son and my father in law watching Planet Earth. The program was captivating for all of us, three generations. Yet, it was such an ordinary moment, and I think that’s what struck me. I was sitting, enjoying an incredible program with my son and father in law. It was a picture of peace. It was a fun and profound moment of worship. In all of these memories, God slowed me down and I saw His grace. I delighted in the moment, as I am delighting in the memories.

So as I think about 2013, I have hopes and desires for 2013, for The Table, for my family/friends, for myself, but what I think I am hoping for most is to slow down, so I may delight in God. I am hoping to enjoy the moment, be present, and witness the grace of God.

Psalm 37 is a good one as we think about and meditate upon our desires for the year. May your meditations this week draw you closer to the cross, and may you delight in Him:

Trust in the Lord and do good;
Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.
Delight yourself in the Lord;
And He will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:3-4 – NASB)

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