March Blessing

3.2013.blessingsOnce a month, The Table does not meet for formal worship (with prayer, songs, and teaching). Instead, we worship God through serving others. We called these weekends “Blessing” weekends. It is one of the ways we live out our call to Bless our neighbors in tangible ways.

This past week was one such Blessing week. A new friend of The Table was going through cancer treatments, and was about to be evicted from her home, because of the untidy and cluttered condition of her home.  Going through these treatments prevented her from maintaining her home, and being without support, she feared she would be soon living on the street. Until members of The Table came to her aid, helping her clear out the excess of her apartment and cleaning.

On Monday, the building manager gave her the decision that she would be allowed to stay in her home, because of the improved condition. And on Friday and Saturday, The Table hosted a yard sale to sell her excess possessions. Over those two days, $700 were raised from the sale, all going back to help with her cancer treatments.

God blesses His people through His church. It is encouraging to be a part of what God is doing. Thanks for all who helped our new friend, especially Jim and Colleen for their selfless leadership in this project. What a community to be a part of!

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