A New Season at The Table

prayerWe’re half way through our study of the book of Acts. In our study of these first twelve chapters, we’ve observed many things about the early church. One obvious observation was that prayer was central to the early church. When Jesus empowered His people, lives and communities were transformed, and prayer was a way Jesus empowered His people for ministry.

As we begin to study the second half of Acts, we will also be entering a new season of emphasis at The Table.  Just as Paul entered new mission fields, I believe God wants us to go on mission too, to be a blessing to those around us in the name of Jesus. I believe the Holy Spirit wants us to do this via prayer and action.  As we grow in Him, we are being called to look outward to our literal and metaphorical neighbors.  I believe that God is asking us to begin this process by simply praying for Him to show us who He would have us pray for.  God is challenging each of us to seek out five people or households He would have us pray for over the next season.  We will together consider how we can pray and bless these folks, but for now all we are being asked is to seek who God would have each of us pray for.

So the question of meditation and prayer is who are your five? Who are the five people or households around you that God would have you bless with your prayers? Are the neighbors? Coworkers, clients, or classmates? Friends, or family? Who are they?  In the weeks and months to come we are going to praying earnestly for these people in some specific ways, but first we need to know who God would have us bless.

The good news we gather from our study of Acts, and as we enter a missional season, is that when Jesus empowers His people, lives and communities are transformed, and prayer is a powerful way Jesus empowers His people for ministry.  So be encouraged that you are not doing this alone.  God is our leader and we are in this together.

So, over the next couple weeks, ask Him to reveal the five people or households He would have you bless with your prayers. And, may He bless you in depth as you look out. I am excited to see what God will do through us and around us!

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