Blessing or Disaster?

forkinroadI’ve been thinking lately about how things happen in our lives; and then I found a little story in a book that made the exact point I was thinking about.  Here it is:

“There is an old story about a wise man living on one of China’s vast frontiers.  One day, for no apparent reason, a young man’s horse ran away and was taken by nomads across the border.  Everyone tried to offer consolation for the man’s bad fortune, but his father, the wise man, said, “What makes you so sure this is not a blessing?” Months later, his horse returned, bringing with her a magnificent stallion.  This time everyone was full of congratulations for the son’s good fortune.  But now his father said, “What makes you so sure this isn’t a disaster?” Their household was made richer by this fine horse that the son loved to ride.  But one day he fell off his horse and broke his hip.  Once again, everyone offered their consolation for his bad luck, but his father said, “What makes you so sure this is not a blessing?”  A year later, nomads invaded across the border, and every able-bodied man was required to take up his bow and go into battle.  The Chinese families living on the border lost nine out of every ten men.  Only because the son was lame did father and son survive to take care of each other.”       – (from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazerro)

Ever notice how our Lord works in mysterious ways?  He comes up with amazing surprises, even when we’re in the middle of what seems like catastrophe.  But the best thing is that He makes all things work out for the good (Romans 8:28) because He’s a God of Goodness and Love.  I saw this first-hand in my own life.

A few months ago, my friend was stung by a bee.  I drove her immediately to the hospital because she’s deathly allergic to bee stings.  It was a near-disaster, but she was okay once they administered the steroids and antihistamines.  Shortly after that episode, she visited an allergist to ask about treatments for bee sting allergies.  As the doctor was checking out her glands, he found a lump on her neck.  “That’s nothing,” she said, “it’s been there for a couple of years.”  Nevertheless, the doctor urged her to go have it checked.  Well, she did get it checked, and lo and behold, it was a cancerous tumor on her thyroid.  She ended up in surgery where they discovered that the tumor had grown just to the very edge of the thyroid, and not into any other tissues.  It seems that the tumor was found in just the nick of time.  Now, you tell me, was that bee sting a disaster or a blessing?

Thank you God for loving us in surprising ways, For working things out for good even though we may not see it at the time, And for growing our trust in You.

~Sue M.

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