Prayer for the New Season

a-simple-dinnerGod is moving at The Table! After 3 years of worshiping as a community, The Table has moved from prayerful identity/vision development, to forming a solid leadership team/structure, to then executing the vision God gave us for our ministry and community. In those 3 years, The Table has established a rhythm of ministry and outreach, including worship, small discipleship groups, neighborhood parties, and monthly service projects that bless our neighbors. We have seen God bring the isolated into community, the disenfranchised into worship, and literal healings. God is moving among us!

As we have been praying for God’s direction for the coming season, God has given us the call of expansion of ministry, not a redefining of vision, but an expansion of that vision. This fall an invitation to The Table membership was placed to intentionally pray for and reach out to specific neighbors around them, and to commit to working toward greater involvement within the existing church community – to move and grow both out and within. The desire of The Table leadership is to hire a part time staff person, within the next year for a trial year, to aid in new ministry expansion projects (small group development, discipleship expansion, and outreach/enfolding growth). We believe the addition of this staff person will further invigorate The Table membership in their faith and outreach development, while synergistically aiding Pastor Aaron in his pastoral leadership.

To proactively move toward sustainability, Pastor Aaron has been working bivocationally since The Table’s inception, and is moving forward in this model. He recently accepted a part time associate pastor position at First Reformed Church (FRC) in Lynden. The Table and FRC are excited about this new partnership in mission. By Aaron accepting this position, Table resources are now freed up to hire that part time staff person. By inviting members to grow in their own ministries, and by adding additional staff, we believe we are strategically growing into our calling this season to expand ministry, all for the glory of Christ.


Please join us in prayer as we:

*Step out in faith, going boldly for His kingdom

*Begin to search for an additional staff member

*Transition into a season of expansion

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