Vision for the New Year

Love MapsHappy New Year! As this year begins, we have been praying about what God would have for us this year at church.  Really we’re asking “What is our vision for the coming year at The Table?” Studying the summery passages of the church in Acts (2:42-47, 4:32-37, and 5:12-16) confirmed in my heart what I believe God is asking of us this season and year.  I feel God is asking us to commit ourselves this year to: study, prayer, and service.

This year I want to invite you and us to studying God’s word, committing to stretch yourself in your level of Bible reading.  This could mean joining us in the Bible reading plan, of reading through the Bible in a year, or this could mean something else.  However you do it, I invite you to be in conversation w/ someone else about your studies.

This year I also want to invite you and us to prayer, committing to praying for your family, your church, and those who you will reach out to.  As we gather in our Bible study groups, make prayer a part of your gathering.  As you interact w/ those around you, commit to praying the 5 Blessings from last season over your friends from the BLESS acronym, praying for their: Bodies, Labor, Emotions, Social, and Spiritual growth.

This year I also want to invite you and us to greater service, committing yourself to be open to the serving the needs of others.  As we gather in Bible study groups and worship, encourage each other in how you can reach out to those around you, and pray about how you can be a blessing.  Serving folks is never convenient.  Times of service come at any time, so pray for an openness each day to be available for what and who God places before you.  I invite you to allow your default response to need to be “yes.”  Obviously consider boundaries and safety, but imagine what reputation you and The Table would have if we were known as a people who said yes to service.

Study, Prayer and Service.  As we do these things I believe God will reveal Himself mightily, blessing us and those around us. It will take a unity of mind and spirit; it will take a togetherness of fellowship; and, it will take an intentionality and an openness.  I believe we have what it takes, b/c we know that we can’t do it alone.  Christ is w/ us empowering us, and we do it for His glory and honor.  So I invite you to join us in the journey. And, may God bless us as we go


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