Keep Truckin’

bibleIs the honeymoon over yet? We are a month, or so, into our reading of the Bible in a year. By this point, you may be just as excited as when you started, or you may be wondering why you decided to take on this project. If you are in the latter camp, I want to encourage you to “keep truckin’.” God uses His word greatly to bless us and those we come in contact with. This became apparent to me this past week in Guatemala, serving an orphanage.

I was asked to preach at a Guatemalan church. Not being bound by a sermon series or anything else, I asked God what He would have me speak on. He gave me a message on His fatherly love for humanity from Mark 1. In Mark 1:11, God the Father said to Jesus, “You are my dearly loved son.” What struck me was that the Father said this to Christ before He did any of the awesome things He did in Mark 1. The message God gave me was to share this as a message to us. What struck me was the moment when I was looking into the eyes of a Guatemalan preteen from the orphanage and giving this good news from God, “God is looking at you today, and says ‘You are my dearly loved child.’” It was powerful, and I believe that preteen heard the good news at a heart level.

God’s word is powerful. He uses His word to bless us and those we come in contact with. For us, the call is to jump into His word and see what He shows us. So, be encouraged today. Keep truckin’, and keep reading. And, I look forward to hearing how God uses His word to bless you and others.

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