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As February draws to a close, we have much to be grateful for, all of which revolve around connection. Connection with God, connection as a church, and connection with neighbors.

With God

As a church we are reading through the Bible in a year. This has allowed us as individuals and as a community to encounter God in profound ways. We have been reminded of His care for us, His children, since the beginning. God is good.

As a Church

God has blessed us as a church this season with great times together. Together we are meeting in smaller groups, connecting over His word, over a meal, watching a game, in prayer, and in fun. This is happening informally, in our new Bible study, and in existing small groups. As God has blessed us, we have moved closer to one another.

With Neighbors

This month God has opened cool doors with those around us. We’ve been connecting with neighbors in a significant ways. The Table hosted a brainstorm session with neighbors about service projects for the season. This gathering brought together Table folk, neighbors, and agency representatives. God blessed this gathering with a synergy of ideas, as new relationships were started. We also hosted a wet BBQ to begin promoting our intersection art mural project. We plan to paint sometime this spring, gathering even more neighbors together around a positive project. Our prayer is that this event will be another venue for The Table to bless the neighborhood with leadership, while our members develop relationships with new friends.


Please join us in prayer for:

  1. For wisdom as we discern How God would have us grow, and wisdom as we look at hiring a part timer to lead
  2. For growth. Growth in our depth in Christ, and growth in the width/reach of the church
  3. That the kingdom of God would grow in Bellingham

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