People of Joy

jesus1Below is a letter of Cyprian to his friend Donatus. Cyprian was born in the 2nd century AD in North Africa into a wealthy home. He was a retrograde playboy although brilliant and learned. He was marvelously converted in one of his travels largely because he was so impressed with the character of the lives of a group of Christians that he chanced to meet. After he was converted he wrote a letter to his boyhood friend and fellow playboy named Donatus. Here it is:

“The world in which we live is a beautiful place when viewed from our fair garden, Donatus. But if we could view it from some high mountain you know well what we would see; robbers on the highways, pirates on the seas and in the amphitheatre men are offered up to animals as entertain. Under every roof there is misery and sorrow. But Donatus, I have met a people who rise above this. They are a quiet people who know a joy a thousand times greater than these sorrows. They are called Christians, Donatus, and I am writing to tell you that I have become one of them.”

As we move forward this week, with the Easter celebrations behind us, may we walk with a resurrection reality. May we be the people Cyprian met. May we radiate joy that is contagious. And may He be glorified as we go.

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