Table Family Meeting and Worship this Week

imagesThis Sunday is a special Sunday at The Table. If you consider The Table your home church, please join us at 4:30pm at the Fairhaven Library (1117 12th St.) for our Spring family meeting. We will be reviewing the financials of the church, looking ahead to leadership in the fall, and casting vision for the summer. Please make a special effort to come early for this meeting.

Then at 5:30pm, The Table will gather for worship, starting with a shared meal. Bring something to share. After our meal, we’ll conclude our study of the book of Ephesians. Read Ephesians 6:10-24, and ask yourself, “Why should we strive for unity together and with Christ.”

This Sunday is also our tithe week, meaning all our local offering will go toward a missions endeavor. We do this every 10 worship gatherings. This week’s offering will be going to a great organization called Days for Girls International. This organization supplies feminine hygiene kits for girls in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, allowing girls to attend school during the monthly cycle (whereas normally they would have to stay home). Next week, June 7th The Table will be assembling these kits for our June Blessing event, but this week we are giving to the cause.

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