Who is God and What Does He Do?

From Ephesians 1-3:rio

-He blesses (1:3)

-He made the world (1:4)

-He adopts us (1:5)

-He is kind (1:7)

-He saves (1:13)

-He is our glorious father (1:17)

-He is powerful (1:19)

-He is above all other powers (1:21)

-He is the head of the church body (1:22)

-He is rich in mercy (2:4)

-He loves us (2:4)

-He gave us life (2:5)

-He raised us from death (2:6)

-He creates us anew in JC (2:10)

-He brought us peace (2:14)

-He united people into 1 people (2:14)

-He brought the good news of peace (2:17)

-He reveals plan to apostles and prophets (3:5)

-He is grace filled and powerful (3.7)

-He is full of treasure (3:8)

-He is the creator of all things (3:9, 15)

-He uses His church to display His characteristics (3:10)

-He has unlimited resources (3:16)

-He empowers (3:16)

-He resides in us (3:17)

-He is loving (3:18)

-He gives the fulness of life and power (3:19)

-He accomplishes more than we could ask (3:20)

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