Happy Birthday to Us!

unnamed-1Hurray for 4 years of God’s grace at The Table! Four years ago The Table began worshiping as a church body. In that time we have see God do tremendous things around us, deepening His vision for us to live out the rhythms of Hospitality, Discipleship, and Blessing in the name of Jesus.

Hospitality. The rhythm of Hospitality this year is highlighted by the completion of our neighborhood’s intersection art project. The Table gathered and led neighbors over the span of a year in finding a location and mural design, and in painting the street together. It was a vision of God developing and growing relationships between folks from church and community. Discipleship. The rhythm of Discipleship has grown this year.

Bible studies have increased and grown together. Worship gatherings have slowly grown, preaching the word and administering the sacraments. Mentoring relationships have deepened, and encouraged individuals in their faith in Jesus. And, The Table hosted its first retreat for women of the church and the community.

Blessing. The rhythm of Blessing has also expanded its reach this past year. God has allowed us to bless individuals with disabilities and in recovery through simple projects, prayers and encouragements. We have seen open doors in the community this year; highlighted by our Day of Plenty neighborhood produce exchange and our backpack drive for low-income kids in the neighborhood. The arena of missions has also expanded, with The Table partnering with First Reformed of Lynden in sending a team to Cary, MS, and our support of ministries like Days for Girls International, Jesus Economy, and ministries in Haiti and India.

We praise God for all He has done around us this year, and over the past four years! In the year to come we are praying God will grow our church in its relationship with Him, with each other, and in our mission in the neighborhood. Thank you for joining in the mission on Jesus in Bellingham.

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