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a-simple-dinnerAs part of this fall’s Missional Challenge at The Table, we are challenging ourselves to build up our individual practices of Hospitality. This is one of the core rhythms of The Table. Hospitality is core to who we are as a church because in it we seek to imitate Jesus. Jesus “made space” for those around Him, inviting the “un-invitable” to come and be with Him. He made space for children, women, the unclean, Gentiles, sinners, and more. He was hospitable, and I wonder if this allowed folks to build their own trust in Christ, which removed barriers and allowed them to hear His message of life more clearly. This is our hope, with our practice of Hospitality, to build relationships and allow truth and grace to be shared.

In the rhythm of Hospitality, the Missional Challenge is calling us to sit across the table w/ three people a week, one of which does not come to The Table. This practice/challenge is simple but requires an intentionality. Ideas for this aspect of the challenge include: inviting someone for coffee or to your house for dinner, spending your lunch hour by intentionally eating with someone, or playing games with your neighbors. It’s a practice of “making space” for those around us; it’s a call to build up community.

May Christ bless you as you step out and invite those around you to your table. And, may He grow His hospitality in you as you follow through.

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