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rioThis fall at The Table, we are taking on “The Missional Challenge.” Check out our Missional Challenge blog post for the details. We have adapted the the ideas of Michael Frost’s “The Five Habit’s of Highly Missional People.” The second piece of the challenge coincides with The Table rhythm of Discipleship. It is broken into two parts. The first part is to “study Jesus.”

Our rhythm of Discipleship is rooted in the concept that we are disciples of Christ, and therefore require ourselves to walk in His steps. We desire to become more like our master and savior. So as part of the Missional Challenge, we are challenging ourselves to sit down and study Jesus once a week. How else will the hope of Jesus saturate our lives unless we seek Him out? How else will we be reminded of His freedom and deliverance unless we look at His life and work? This aspect is most important of all. His hope feeds us, and restores us. His hope beats down the false promises that call to us. So make a special intention to sit down once a week and study Jesus in one of the New Testament gospels, or read about him in a book by a reliable author.

May Christ reveal Himself to you greatly as you do this. And, may you grow to be more like Him as you do it.


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