The Missional Challenge

Thunder Knob @ the top #2This fall we are calling ourselves to develop our missional habits. Michael Frost, a missional thinker from Australia, has developed missional habits that pair nicely with our rhythms at The Table. We are challenging ourselves to develop these habits. Will you join us, and take on the Missional Challenge?

Here’s what is looks like:



*Sit across the table w/ 3 people a week (One of which does not come to The Table)


*Sit down and study Jesus once a week

*Sit down & pray and listen to the Holy Spirit once a week


*Bless 3 people a week (1 of who does not come to The Table)

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  1. Connie Buckley September 17, 2014 at 7:18 pm #

    One thing that I so admire about the Table, has been it’s continual focus to reach out into community. It takes an unusual person to be able to reach outside of ones self. Thank you Aaron for being such a great example of walking the walk. And thank you to everybody with The Table who holds firmly to the belief that one person (or a group) CAN make a difference. I love the Missional Challenge. It is easy to do, but takes a great commitment and faith. We can all do the easy things, but this challenge builds our core foundation of faith.

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