Blessing Folks

raking_leaves_photo_for_websiteThe final category of this season’s Missional Challenge coincides with The Table rhythm of Blessing. As a church, we are challenging ourselves in this area to bless three people a week, one of who does not come to The Table. This could mean writing someone an encouraging note, text or email. It could mean helping a neighbor with a chore or errand, simply asking someone how you can help. It is a simple challenge that reaches people’s hearts. It is a selfless intention that honors those around us. We are challenging ourselves in this manner because we what to mimic our Lord Jesus. He blessed folks in very tangible ways. He brought wholeness to people’s lives and revealed the coming kingdom to them, where all will be made right, and whole, and without flaw. He calls us to participate in this work today, to reveal the coming kingdom to folks. So, we are challenging ourselves to bless folks in His name.

May God open your eyes to those around you, and how you can bless them. And, may you grow into His likeness as you go.

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