prayerThis fall at The Table we are taking on “The Missional Challenge,” and idea adapted form the work of Michael Frost. The Missional Challenge matches with the three rhythms of The Table: Hospitality, Discipleship, and Blessing. The aspect of the challenge that is under the rhythm of Discipleship includes “listening to the Holy Spirit.” Specifically, we are challenging ourselves to make an intention to sit down & pray and listen to the Holy Spirit once a week. The idea here is that we rarely listen to God, but more often fill the gaps of our relationship with God with our own concerns. So, we are calling ourselves to sit and ask “What does the Holy Spirit have to tell me in relation to my learnings and actions?”

How do we do this? Some ideas that may help:

-Read a psalm, and then sit and reflect

-Find a quiet space, time of the day, and/or comfortable seat

-Ask God, “What would you have me pray for today?”

-Journal about what comes to mind

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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