A Declaration of Celebration

We are now in the church season of Easter. This is a season where we celebrate life, and life resurrected. So how does this look? Living a resurrected life, means enjoying life, enjoying relationships, and actually enjoying it. It means being present, celebrating the moment, celebrating the ordinary. It means praising God in the ordinary, worshiping Him in the moment, and living with gratitude. 

To help us celebrate life as a community, we are declaring a season of celebration. With no obligation to participate, we hereby declare this Easter season to be a season of celebrating life, a season of living out our rhythm of Hospitality. This means, we will be partying every week during the Easter season. So starting this Friday, we will gather to have fun around games. We’ll start at 6pm with potluck, then play some board games, old-school Nintendo, and just hang out (contact us for details).

That is how we will contribute as a community to living a resurrected life. But the question for you personally is how will your life look differently this week as a result of the resurrection? He has risen, and invites you into a rich, full life, both now and into eternity. So how will you live into that reality?

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