Feasting Versus Fasting

a-simple-dinnerWe are now in the church season of Easter. During this season, we at The Table are practicing the spiritual disciple of feasting. Feasting may not seem like a spiritual discipline, but it is. It is the contrasting discipline of fasting. During the season of Lent, we fast from the excesses and prepare ourselves for the work of Jesus on the cross.  During the season of Easter we feast, we party, focusing on the life of Jesus resurrected.

I would argue that we have a harder time feasting than fasting. I think this is because we often relate feasting with excess and drunkenness. These things are not what the spiritual discipline of feasting is about. Feasting, when focused on Jesus, celebrates life. It acknowledges the gifts of grace given to us by God, gifts of creation, of provision, of goodness. But, we often feel guilty for receiving these gifts, and therefore focus on our payments for them. And so w/ the gift of life before us, we fast. We deny the gift of grace, in our hearts, and turn our minds toward working for our gift. We do a better job of fasting, than feasting. We get distracted by our own guilt, or feelings of obligation. We get distracted from the abundant life of Jesus.

There are seasons to fully engage in the discipline of fasting. In fact, we should engage in it more. But, there are also season to fully engage in Jesus-cenetered feasting. This is the challenge, the discipline if you will, of the season of Easter. The good news is that Jesus lives; He is moving in His work of redemption; He invites us to live in Him. So how will we live as a result of this news? I call us to celebrate living, celebrate the fact that our God lives! Celebrate the moment. Celebrate the ordinary. Live with gratitude, acknowledging the gifts of grace, and embrace them. Jesus came that we would have life, abundant life (John 10:10). So live!

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