Consequences (Genesis 3)

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This is not a feel good passage, but its real. This is the reality of the lives we live. Like the 1st couple of creation, we live with shame and fear, guilt and selfishness. That is reality, at least on some level. In the midst of this passage, we see our need for redemption, and we see the redemptive character of God. Who is God? And how is He revealed in this passage? Here we see that God is both just and merciful. He made it clear that there were consequences to certain actions, and when things went south, He provided.

The good news I see in the passage is that in the midst of disobedience there is grace. God provides relief both now and into eternity. When we are naked and in shame, God makes garments of warmth and provision (Genesis 3:21), with repentant hearts we go to Him and we are clothed. And to our great adversary, God brings victory, crushing the head of the serpent (Genesis 3:15). Jesus our champion will win the day.

So as you consider the consequences you are living with, it is important to acknowledge the reality of them. But in the midst of it, it is important to remember that this is not the end of your story. In the grand narrative of scripture, God created, and then humanity failed. But that is not the end. After the fall came redemption. And it was completed in Christ’s work on the cross, when He took all our poor choices upon Himself, and, there, they were PUT-TO-DEATH. He then rose to life again, inviting us into freedom, giving us access back into the garden, so to speak, where we enjoy the close relationship with God, a relationship we were designed to have. So as we go about our days, we are invited to live into this grace, to live into the purpose given by God without shame or fear, innocent and in community. In the midst of disobedience, God is faithful, just, and filled with mercy. He is our great redeemer, and worthy of our praise.

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