Thoughts on Creation

creation_iconWhat is cool about the creation account in Genesis 1 is that God creates structures, and then fills them up. It could be argued that in Day 1 He created “space” and light; in Day 4 He filled it with the sun and stars, moons and planets. In Day 2 God created sky above and water below; in Day 5 He filled them with fish and birds. In Day 3 He created land from the water, and plants; in Day 6 He filled it with animals and people. God created a frame and filled it with life.

What’s encouraging to me is that we are each blessed with a frame, our bodies, lives, contexts. So what does God desire to do with our frames? He desires to fill them with life. He desire to bless our frames with activities that glorify Him, that our rich with color and vibrancy. He is a God who enlivens things. So, regardless of where you are at this day, May God enliven your frame with vibrancy and purpose.

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