Legos and John 1:35-51

42f163087b14f532a63e6c8c4ac01980_400x400If any of you have spent any time w/ my 4 year old son, Amos, you know he loves Legos. He is a Lego maniac. Amos and I love playing Legos together. But what Amos loves doing most is: making Lego guys. He takes apart various Lego people, removing their plastic heads, legs and arms. And then he puts them back together in creative ways. Suddenly the Lego Luke Skywalker, has a Ninja Turtle body, and is wearing a Batman mask. Then suddenly the cool race car Lego guy, has a castle knight helmet, w/ skeleton legs, and is holding a hot dog. The kid is a Lego maniac; Amos loves making Lego guys. And, when those Lego guys encounter Amos, they are changed. After those Lego guys spend time w/ Amos they are never the same again. He has given them weapons they did not know they needed. He has given them faster legs then they would have dreamed possible. He has improved their lives by broadening their opportunities. After spending time w/ Amos those Lego guys are never the same again

When we come together as a church, we pray prayers and sing songs asking God to change our hearts and minds to reflect Him. We hope that when we approach Jesus we will be changed, that we will become kinder, that our relationships will improve, that we will find peace. And yet statistics show us that generally speaking, those who attend church look the same as those who do not. Rates of abuse and divorce in the church generally match those of the greater society. Overcharged consumer spending habits among Christians match those of their non-Christian neighbors. We say we are changed by the time we spend w/ Jesus, but are we? Many statistics would say we are not.

If we read John 1:35-51, we notice 2 scenes where Jesus is interacting w/ His soon to be disciples. Read this passage and ask yourself how are the 2 scenes similar and different. You will notice that in both scenes, folks are encountering Jesus. They spend time w/ Him. And after being w/ Jesus they proclaimed Him and brought others. In both, we see Jesus invite folks to witness the work of heaven. In both, we see that Jesus is the messiah, the fulfiller, and the Son of God. And in both, Jesus changes those who He is w/. And for me, that is ultimately the good news of the passage, that as Jesus spends time w/ folks, they are changed.

So what shall we do w/ this problem? In my opinion, we start w/ humility. Like John the Baptist, who humbly stayed focused on Jesus, not getting distracted by popular opinions and theories. He simply stayed focused on Jesus, and strived to point people to Him. He freely allowed his disciples to go follow Jesus., b/c he was so focused on the Messiah.

My prayer is that we would be found like John the Baptist, focused on our messiah, that we would be so focused on Jesus, that we hear His voice clearly in a world full of static. Jesus changes those who He is w/, and may He change us into His likeness.

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