The Season of Epiphany

epiphanyEpiphany is a season on the church calendar that begins with the commemoration of the magi visit the Christ child. The season of Epiphany is one where we celebrate the presence of Jesus among us. In contrast, during the season of Advent the church is in a posture of expectation for the coming and return of Messiah. Whereas in Epiphany, we celebrate that He is here.

At The Table, this season we are asking the question, “Now what?” Now that Messiah, jesus, is among us, what shall we do. The answer we see is Worship. Now that Christ is living among us, we are called to worship. So during the 5 weeks of Epiphany, we are examining the different aspect of our worship gatherings: eating, singing/praying, studying His word, receiving the Lord’s Supper, and going out w/ a blessing. Our prayer is that we would move and worship with greater authenticity as we walk through this season of Epiphany.

We would love for you to join us in this journey!

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