Vision for the Season

1888918_0bf8f79cThe Table is in a Sending season. Many are feeling empowered to pursue the callings God is placing on them, whether short or long term. For those who remain local, I see this season as an opportunity to refocus ourselves around mission and our founding rhythms. In this season, we are invited to simplify our activities to look “in,” “up,” and “out.” Here’s how we see this looking:

*“In,” meaning we offer 1 short term small/education group a season that builds us as disciples (bible study, prayer group, etc.).

*“Up,” meaning we offer 3 (rather than 4-5) simple Sunday worship gatherings a month.

*“Out,” meaning we bring greater emphasis to our Blessing rhythm (1 collective service project a month and at least 1/4erly parties).

This simplified structure lessens the load of work, while building us up as we continue to reach out, playing to our strengths.

Join us in praying for God to be glorified in this exciting season!

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