6 Year Reflections

UnknownThe Table turned 6 years old over the weekend! It is hard to believe that 6 years ago a group of about 40 gathered in our small living room to eat, sing, pray, and study scripture (I “preached” while sitting on my laundry hamper). We have done some incredible things over that time. We have thrown some epic parties for neighbors (campfires, game nights, movies, and other shenanigans). These gatherings have facilitated awesome relationships, while also allowing those outside our church to familiarize themselves relationally. Over the last 6 years we have grown in our discipleship of Jesus (through scripture study, prayer, sharing, and hanging out together). We have also blessed our neighborhood in very tangible ways (organizing produce exchanges and beautification projects, cleaning the homes of disabled and elderly folks, and moving/packing low income neighbors). God has allowed us to do some cool stuff over the last 6 years.

Also over the weekend was the biggest mass shooting in recent US history, leaving 49 dead and more wounded. This tragedy exposes the darkness of our world. It exemplifies the “us” versus “them” reality on so many levels. It has been already used by many to reassert their political and social points. But most of all, it just leaves me sad. What an awful, awful event.

As I consider our local celebrations and national tragedies that happened over the weekend, I cannot help but reflect further. God has allowed our church to do some cool stuff over the years, but we do not do these things so that we can simply do cool things or grow personally. We exist as a church because we believe we have good news to share to a broken world, and partner with Him in His work of redemption. We place our hope in Jesus as the answer to the brokenness around us. Christ is the center of our church, and our lives. We exist to glorify Him and to share His love with those around us, to share His peace in the face of tragedy, to share His hope in a better reality. Our prayer is that God would continue to move among us, as individuals and a church, in our relationships, and in world around us.

May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done, onĀ earth just as it is in heaven.

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