Meditation for Lent: The Prophetic Office of Jesus

The Offices of Christ are seen in His roles as prophet, priest and king. Reformed theologian, Louis Berkhof defines a prophet can be defined as one who: proclaim Gods will, interprets God’s law, calls people to live rightly according to Gods will and word, and points people to Gods promises. Let’s test his definition.


Read 1 Kings 18 and see if Elijah meets this definition.

*Where did Elijah proclaim Gods will?

*Where did Elijah interpret the law?

*Where did Elijah call people to live rightly according to Gods will and word?

*Where did Elijah point people to Gods promises?


Now read Matthew 5:43-48.

DOES JESUS MEET THE DEFINTION OF PROPHET? In Matthew 5:43-48, where does Jesus…

*Proclaim Gods will?

*Interpret the law?

*Call people to live rightly according to Gods will and word?

*Point people to Gods promises?


With prophets on our minds, why does the prophetic office matter and what does this have to do w/ Jesus? The prophet office reveals that God desires relationship w/ His people. GOD is the one who sends prophets. This holy God saw how His people were straying from Him, and sent prophets to call them back into right relations. Jesus is the perfect prophet, proclaiming the arrival of God’s Kingdom, fulfilling the law, calling people to live justly, and pointing us to a future where the truth will be realized.

I pray that we would listen and live into the call of Jesus.

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