The Season of Lent and the Offices of Christ

During the season of Lent, it is customary to “give something up.” The reason for many is displace distractions to better focus on the work of Christ. Regrettably, the “giving up” often usurps the act of focusing. So may I offer a way we can focus on Jesus. I’d like to offer not a method of focusing, but rather a different angle of looking at Christ.

Since the Reformation one way to speak of Jesus is to speak of His “offices,” the office of Prophet, Priest, and King. This angle is not the first option of how many speak of Jesus, and so my hope is that it will help us consider the work of Jesus in a different way. So during the season of Lent, we at The Table will be studying the Offices of Christ to help us prepare ourselves for the celebration of Resurrection. Each week I will offer a reflection on a given office. I pray it will give life to your prayers and meditation of how Jesus operates in the world today.

Here’s a quick introduction of the topic. Louis Berkhof, a Reformed theologian from the middle 20th century, speaks of the Offices of Christ in a concise manner. In his book, Manual of Christian Doctrine, he says:

“Man, as he was created by God, was intended to function as prophet, priest, and king. Hence he was endowed with knowledge and understanding, with righteousness and holiness, and with dominion over the lower creation. The entrance of sin into the world affected the whole man and made it impossible for him to function properly in his three-fold capacity as prophet, priest and king. He is subject to the power of error and deception, of unrighteousness and moral pollution, and of misery and death. Christ came as the ideal man and for the purpose of restoring man to his original condition, and as such necessarily functioned as prophet, priest and king.”

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