Culture of Hospitality

This past weekend was our Hospitality weekend, where we intentionally pursue our neighbors and friends, in place of a communal gathering. The heart behind these weekends it to “make room” for others, allowing ourselves time and intention to make this happen. It has been at the heart of our church since its inception. Below is a passage from our website, written in the 1st season of The Table. You can feel the heart behind this rhythm of Hospitality. May you live it well this season!

“The Table has been set, candles and good music have set the mood, and the aroma of delectable food is noticeable. Tired, isolated, and hungry folks are arriving, having accepted the invitation. Their glasses are filled as they sit down with a sigh of relief. Together we will feast on our laughter and care, on great food and drink, and on the Lord’s presence. This table symbolizes the Kingdom of God, and is the vision God has given us for our faith community. But, it is also a reality of how Christ is now moving in Bellingham.”

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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