Heads Up – Jude is Coming

Let’s study how to study, by studying. Sometimes approaching the scriptures can create a feeling of disconnection. 2,000 years or more separate us from the original audiences of the Bible, and so we must consider how we might approach the text. This is what we would like to do together. Starting on Monday, June 5th at 6pm at the Walters (2716 Douglas Ave.), we will gather together and study how we study scripture by looking at the often forgotten New Testament book of Jude. This study will run for only 3 weeks (June 5, 12, & 19). No homework is required, just show up w/ a Bible. Week 1 will cover historical context and general impressions of Jude. Week 2 will focus on the theological themes of the letter. And, week 3 will center on the implications of Jude for us today. Let Aaron know if you are interested (thetablebellingham@gmail.com), and invite a friend – everyone is welcome!

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